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Waltraud Popischill

Waltraud Popischill (Val)Val was born in Austria and came to the UK in 1982. She trained under R. D. Laing and lived as a research student in a Philadelphia Association therapeutic community, combining being near to her partner with doing a practical for her MA.

Since that time Val has taken up numerous voluntary posts, which she hopes will improve social provisions, mainly for the most disadvantaged people. She is a keen artist, poet and writer – with experience working with Outside In and Koestler Trust initiatives. 

Shaun Clarke

Shaun Clarke

Journalist and author, Shaun writes widely about current events and cultural developments. He has worked alongside Ujima Radio, BBC, DMAK UK and other national publications to cover a wide range of issues.

In addition, Shaun has compiled two poetry and spoken word collections by disadvantaged authors across the UK, both titled ‘Lyrically Justified’. 



Tom Burgess

Tom Burgess

Tom lives in Bristol, his work usually focuses on the environment, play and transformation. He is currently Head of Activities at Marlborough College School of English and Culture. Tom writes poetry and has a blog.

He first encountered Arkbound when they helped him to publish his collection of poems titled Paint Yourself. Since, he has found their ethos resonates with his own and has a particular interest in using poetry writing workshops to support individuals and communities. Writing to confront and articulate problematic narratives as well as engaging in the retelling and molding of positive stories through self expression.

Amanda Thomas

Amanda Thomas

Amanda has had a successful career as a freelance writer for 20 years. In that time she has taught in prisons and written for TV as well as for the big screen.  Her writing has taken her to many places including the USA and Bahrain and Italy. 

She started her career writing short stories for women’s magazines although nowadays she is more involved in writing scripts both for business and for the entertainment industry and writing biographies for many different clients.  She also gives talks about the opportunities offered in freelance writing.





Chris Fielden

Chris is an award winning and Amazon bestselling author, who speaks at literature events across the UK. He was one of the Arkbound Foundation's founding trustees, but had to step down due to work commitments. He still fundraises for the charity.

He is interested in supporting disadvantaged writers to get mentored and successfully published, as well as widening representation of different groups within the media industry.

You can learn more about Chris on his website: www.christopherfielden.com


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