Benefits of membership

Regular or permanent book discounts

Receive special invites to events

Book previews
Preview of books prior to publication

Support us
Support charity's work monthly or across the year

Gift bag
Special gift bag and bamboo pen*

Member's area access
Access to dedicated member's area

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* Gift bag & pen with annual plan

Creating a community

We seek to create a community of readers, writers, journalists and activists who can share ideas and support each other. Whether it be gaining inspiration from a book or connecting with other people at an event, the power of building a community can span generations and borders. In time, we hope to include a wider range of benefits, such as special rewards and discounts with participating organisations, free entry into prize raffles, and fantastic volunteering opportunities that open up new horizons for those involved.

By becoming a member, you join with us on this exciting journey - widening participation and access to publishing and journalism in the process. 

Membership FAQs

How many people can be members?

An unlimited number!

By being a member, can I still volunteer or support the charity in other ways?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, being a member helps you gain better understanding of the charity’s work and how you can get involved.

Why are you charging for membership?

We need to find new ways to be financially sustainable, and we feel the very low price of membership makes it accessible to everyone.

Can I stop being a member at any time?

Yes, but we hope you will want to stay a member as long as possible. To end membership, just email us.

Are the benefits for membership always going to be the same?

We are looking at ways to expand membership benefits to include an even wider range of opportunities and rewards.

Can I refer people for membership?

Yes, and – if you do – we’d like to send you a token of appreciation. Please contact us to find out more.

Where is the member’s area?

This is something we are developing, and you will be given further details as soon as it is created. As a new member, before it is up and running, you will also have an entire free year’s access from the point it is opened.

How will I receive discounts, invites and other rewards?

You will be contacted by email. Sometimes you may need to check your spam, depending on your email provider (all our emails will be from the domain).