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Sponsored Book Publishing

Sponsored Book Publishing

“Here’s the thing: The book that will most change your life is the book you write.” – Seth Godin

Getting a book published is not easy. Yes, people can produce an ebook and put it onto Amazon - but in terms of getting the book into shops, making it available widely for others to read - that is a completely different story.

As noted on http://www.arkfound.org/writing-projects.php, there are numerous obstacles facing people from disadvantaged backgrounds to get their books effectively published. We seek to help overcome these obstacles, opening up publishing to people who would otherwise be excluded - who often have powerful stories to tell that can positively change minds and attitudes.

For this reason, the Arkbound Foundation is able to consider sponsoring books by authors from disadvantaged backgrounds. We work with a number of leading publishers from across the UK, who are able to get books effectively published as well as having a social mission. These publishers do not just include Arkbound, our trading branch- and we are open to working with many more.

Among our partners are Luna Press Publishing™ - an award-winning independent UK press, founded in 2015 by author Francesca T. Barbini. Luna deals with Science Fiction, Fantasy and Dark Fantasy, in both fiction and academia and is a proud member of Publishing Scotland. Luna has partnered up with Arkbound Foundation to promote inclusiveness in the publishing industry, by supporting writers from a disadvantaged background

These are some of the factors we take into account when deciding whether to sponsor a book:-

  • The author comes from a situation of disadvantage (this can be defined as being socially excluded by virtue of disability, poverty, criminal background or other form of social exclusion).
  • The book is assessed as being at a level where it can be sold and read by a wide range of people.
  • The book will widen access to literature as a whole - both in terms of the audience it relates to and the person or contributors who wrote it.
  • The book contains elements that would encourage readers to make positive changes in attitude or behaviour. (This does not mean it must be non-fiction, we just like to see books that help dispel negative stereotypes and improve understanding of social issues in some way).
  • The author has completed a programme of creative writing mentoring and has been recommended by their mentor (this is not an absolute requirement - we accept books from people who haven't been on the mentoring programme too).

There are other things we take into account, with each book book being assessed on its own merits by the trustees and an experienced steering group, in consultation with a publisher and a writer's mentor (where relevant).

Please note: unfortunately due to high demand, we currently have no available funding for immediate book sponsorship. We are however, still accepting applications and will contact you when funding becomes available if we are interested in sponsoring your book.

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