The Arkbound Foundation is a charity that aims to widen access to literature and improve diversity within publishing.

We run projects that empower people from disadvantaged backgrounds and deprived communities to get their voices heard, supporting books with important social and environmental themes. We mentor aspiring authors so that they can produce books that are widely read and which dispel negative stereotypes, whilst seeking to build resilience for the most excluded communities through the power of literature and journalism.

Based in Glasgow and Bristol, our founding ethos is about empowerment, positive transformation and accessibility. Please browse through our website to find out more.

Latest News

We are pleased to announce the success of our 20th Crowdbound campaign! Since its launch on 21st June 2022, the site provides a free platform for books and projects that cover social inclusion and environmental sustainability to raise funding. Over 85% of campaigns there have raised the full target!

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Project Spotlight

Writing Within Walls saw over 150 entries from people with experience of custody, and the 20 winning entries have now been collected into a book - 'Enduring Words: A Collection of Creative Work by Prisoners'. You can (pre)order a copy below. 

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We are the UK's only independent charity concerned with improving accessibility and diversity within literature and journalism. We welcome donations and sponsors, as well as new volunteers.

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