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Project Coordinator/Treasurer/Administrator - £10.80 Per Hour

Reports to Board of Trustees of Arkbound Foundation CIO and our publishing director.

Job Overview
Managing our office work, fulfilling administration and communication tasks as they arise. Filing information, data, links, also minute/note taking. Use of office email and Dropbox. Proactive and independently working towards good coordination of tasks, with a mission to improve the impact and social value of Arkbound Foundation’s charitable work which includes publishing, mentoring, editing, writing for wellbeing and other support reaching out and engaging with beneficiaries and communities. Accounting and banking responsibilities, authorising transactions, facilitating proper cashflow for incoming and outgoing regular as well as irregular payments and receipts. Providing treasurer reports for the board of trustees, the Charity Commission, for external approval and open information for the public. Training volunteers and students, writing funding bits and applications to deliver services, planning and budgeting. Get acquainted with essential main policies and regulations which are governing our charitable missions.

£10.80 per hour, 6-8 hours a week

Incubator office desk at Backfields House, Upper York Street, Bristol BS2 8QJ

To start as soon as possible, provisional but flexible, revised August/September 2019

Qualifications and/or skills relevant for the post

⦁ Good verbal and writing communication skills in English language.
⦁ IT literate for general use of communication facilities provided through IT. Basics of excel, PowerPoint, charts, online storage, templates, office resources are favorable, but also an intention to brush up on, or learn such skills as/when - they become important. 
⦁ Knowledge and experience in accountancy, banking, financial considerations running charitable provisions, cashflow forecasts, presenting treasurer’s reports, able to acquaint with Charity Commission demands and regulations. 
⦁ Knowledge, experience or insight into literature, creative writing and aspects of promoting disadvantaged authors as well as different levels and aspects of book publishing, marketing and distribution. 
⦁ Empathy and understanding for equality issues and the value of lived experience. Interest in community cohesion and providing opportunities for people who are disadvantaged, belonging to equality groups, disability, physical or mental health, poverty, ex-prisoners/offenders, addictions, homelessness, victims of abuse and any other type of disadvantage. Not being judgmental, but interested and motivated to provide opportunities towards making a positive difference to our beneficiaries’ lives.
⦁ Able to work independently and focused on important tasks. Asking questions and seeking help in any occurring situation, whenever needed. Evaluating the work situation regularly, trying to get positive changes applied, facilitated or approved. Planning towards improved immediate and future overall provisions and impact.
⦁ Confidentiality and professionalism in handling data and information about clients and/or beneficiaries. Knowledge and interest in governing regulations, policies, best practice, guidelines and resources available through Charity Commission, 
⦁ Knowledge and experience of running workshops and organizing events would be an advantage. Interest in writing, arts, journalism, literature and performances.

Support from Arkbound Foundation 
⦁ Arkbound Foundation is equality and lived experience established and led. We value empathy and non-judgmental understanding for any personal disadvantage, difficult experiences and barriers, many people in our society face. We treat every person with respect, which includes our staff, volunteers and providers working for us. If in any case or situation, that might not be experienced, we encourage openness and feedback, to be able to make a positive response. 
⦁ Help, assistance and guidance from the start and at any time at work, is always available through the chair/board.

How to apply
Please send a notice of your interest with your CV to and/or valpo@hotmail.co.uk. This should follow with an informal chat and a formal interview.

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