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17 Essays from Britain's Somali Diaspora

Arkbound is proud to be working on a project that will be a first for Britain and the world: a comprehensive publication that aims to tell the story of Britain's Somali community.

The project will highlight the overlooked elements that make up the Somali community in these isles: the food, the solidarity, the normative piety, and much more. The Somali community has been in Britain since the late 19th Century, when they arrived as lascars and merchants. Today in Britain, the last recorded number of Somali-born citizens was estimated to be 100,000, with the 2021 census likely to produce a number much higher. The majority of Somali-born residents in the UK today have fled civil war and/or constitute asylum seekers and refugees, but their representation has been limited. Our project aims to tackle this, and create a ripple with everlasting effects thereafter.

We are working with founder of the charity Autism Independence, Nura Aabe, and other prominent names in the community such as the Mayor of Islington, Rahkia Ismail. So as to be comprehensive, we are also reaching out to and supporting  Somali communities across the country. 

If you would like to know more about this project or have something you might like to contribute please contact henry@arkfound.org


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